Two of the elements of nature, water and air, come together in our integral cleaning system to offer you health and well-being in your home


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How does it work?

The key elements of Sirena technology: a water filter with a molecular separator that rotates at 24,000 rpm and a HEPA filter trap the dirt and allergens to prevent them to return to your home environment purifying the air at 99, 99% and guarantee cleanliness and safety, especially if you suffer of respiratory diseases.

Works with water

Molecular separator

HEPA filtration


Breathe deeply because the products with this seal adapt to allergic people, giving back the well-being in their lives.

Space technology touches and enhances practically every aspect of life on Earth.

A guarantee that proves that Sirena remove the allergens from the surfaces and from the air at 99,99%

High level of cleanliness without the use of chemicals to help improve the environment.

International manufacturer warranty

Canadian technology

Italian motor

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Vacuum bag for mattress
Atomizer / Sprayer
Magic hose

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